Connect with an expert freelancer, right now

Hire a freelancer and get your issues resolved over a live video call. 

KIWI freelance
KIWI freelance

Hire KIWI freelancers and get those issues resolved that hold you from going to the next step

We connect you and an expert freelancer over a video call. The expert freelancer will help you resolve your problem in real time. 

Only the Best Talent

We present you with an online expert, with a proven track record in solving similar issues.

Connect in less than 180 seconds

We connect you with a freelancer over a video call where you can view your issue being solved.

Pay after your issue is solved

At the end of the call pay securely with Stripe for the time you’ve spent with the freelancer.

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Why KIWI freelancing is the best

Why Kiwi?

KIWI simplifies and speeds up connections between clients and expert freelancers. We keep finances transparent with our zero commission policy. No hidden fees. No platform fees. Pay only for the resolution.

KIWI is ideal if,

You want a quality solution fast. You want to save time finding an expert freelancer. You want to be billed only for a completed solution.

Hands down the best place to find an expert freelancer

Sales guys send great proposals. But on Kiwi, we don’t have sales guys. We have freelancers that are expert at their craft. We’ve therefore removed sales pitches, proposals, bargaining, and follow-ups out of the equation. We simply connect you with the best freelancer for your particular job. 

You have an issue that needs to be fixed. We connect you with the best freelancer for the job who is available right now to resolve your issue. The freelancer will connect with you over a video call and solve your issue instantly.

At KIWI, we do not want you to deposit funds with us and then get stuck. We believe in a solutions first approach. You only pay ‘AFTER’ your issue is resolved.

The Most popular services on kiwi

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