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Your Profile is the most important part of you getting tasks from clients. Creating an Expert profile allows ‘us’ to show your details to people looking to get an issue resolved. We call this your KIWI Card. Your KIWI card shows your profile details to customers and helps them decide to do business with you.

To create an Expert Profile:

After you’ve created your account, continue to the onboarding wizard and it’ll ask you to narrow down your expertise to 10 videos on Youtube. These are ‘How to’ videos, within your selected expertise.

Alternatively, you may visit your Dashboard and click on the Expert Profile in the left side navigation.

STEP 1: Select a Single Platform or Product

In the expert profile setup wizard, You will be presented with various platforms or products. Select a single platform/product.

Note: At this stage, we allow you to select just a single product/platform as your expertise.
So make sure, you are really an expert on that platform.

Once you’ve selected it, click Next.

STEP 2: Select your expertise within that platform/product

Once you’ve selected your platform/product expertise, in this step, you will be presented with the next level of expertise within that platform/product. You will continue to select 1 single expertise here too.

Note: These platforms/products are huge and vast. We don’t expect anyone to know them in and out. Therefore, We’ve broken down these platforms for you to select your exact expertise.

Once you’ve selected it, click Next.

STEP 3: Select your core expertise.

Once you’ve selected your core expertise, we’ve now funneled that too. You will continue to select 1 single expertise here too.

Note: There are 100s (if not 1000s) of parts to the selected platform/product and level one selected expertise. At this step, select single expertise.
Once you’ve selected it, click Next.

Step 4: Select 10 Youtube Videos.

You will now be presented with 50 youtube videos 1-by-1. These are solution videos that your potential customers are watching right now.

The next time someone watches this video, your KIWI Card will be presented to them to hire you instead of watching the video. You would then resolve this issue for the customer.

Note – Our algorithms will decide the best freelancer for the job. Therefore, it’s important that you select the exact 10 videos that you can resolve over a screen share with the client.

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