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How It Works

How KIWI freelance works



Expert minute, our expert freelancers help thousands of clients around the world.

Only the
Best Talent

Our AI matches you with an expert freelancer who has solved your exact issue for someone like you and scored a 5 star rating.

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than 180 seconds

We’ll connect you with a freelancer in less than 180 seconds over a Zoom call and watch your issue resolved in front of you.

Pay after your
issue is fixed

Our AI matches you with an expert freelancer who has solved your exact issue for someone like you and scored a 5 star rating.


Over 17,000 WordPress website owners trust KIWI to help them get their issue resolved.


At KIWI, we connect you with freelancers who have fixed your exact issue and are availalbe to do for you, right now. Our promise is to connect you with the best available freelancer to address you with your issue. This removes the ambiguity of hiring the right freelancer for your task or even getting the right one for a long term project. Simply click on the Hire Now button and complete the registration flow. Connect with the freelancer in less than 180 seconds.

"Its very complex to make simple things". I'm a entrepreneur and i logged onto YouTube tutorial on photoshop which was 22 minutes long. Right before the video I saw an ad of kiwi and it claimed that they have an expert who would be able to solve this exact issue before this video would even end. I love testing new products and my inquisitiveness made me download their extension. I got connected with an expert called Rosh in less than 20 seconds and had my work done in 6.20 mins to be precise. "
Imran Rizvi
CEO, IRA Soles


Here is what he has to say

“Kiwi takes the pain out of finding on-going work. It’s a seamless process that makes the client to freelancer interaction simple and streamlined. A few clicks and I was working with a client and earning money.”

David Borden


KIWI looks at various parameters before showing you the approximate cost of the call. We show you the cost of the call so you have an idea of a ballpark idea of how long will this call goes on and how much would it cost you.

All KIWI experts start with a base price of $10/h.

Once your call has ended, you will be presented with a Rating KIWI Card. Simply drop in your star rating. This is how we’ve categorized our star rating – 

1 Star – Bad,
2 Star – Ok,
3 Star – Good,
4 Star – Excellent,
5 Star – Best of the Best.

KIWI is a browser extension, that allows you to discover an expert freelancer for your small tasks.

Step 1 – Visit Youtube and search for your exact solution video.

Step 2 – Once you’ve identified the video, the browser extension will start looking for the perfect freelance expert who is available right now to resolve your issue. This takes less than 60 seconds.

Step 3 – Once we’ve found an expert, we’ll show you their profile KIWI Card.

Step 4 – You may then connect with the expert over a Zoom Call and get your issue resolved.

Once you have hired an expert freelancer, you’ll be connected with them on a Zoom Call. If you are not satisfied with the results, but were charged on your card, reach out to our customer support team.

Every call is recorded and we will look at your call and identify if the expert freelancer was able to resolve your issue. In the case, it didn’t work out, we’ll refund your money immediately.


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